March 18, 2006

This is our house with a roof! When we came by to check on it they just happened to be finishing up putting all of the wiring in so we now are set up for phone, cable, electricity, pest control, and water! Because Corey is not in town during the week we went ahead and walked through with Jim to do the "pre-drywall" meeting. That is pretty exciting because they should start that this week. So hopefully we'll have real walls sometime soon! Jim says he expects everything to be finished at the beginning or mid-May! Corey and I have decided to have a huge garage sale probably the last weekend in April at his house with one of his roommates so if you are in need of any cool stuff check us out! Corey and Lino went today and wired the living room and the media room for surround sound so it will be easier to set up once we move in! This is so much fun! It is really neat to see it all come together and to have this to look forward to every weekend! Lino made a few suggestions about structure, etc that Corey is going to question but so far they have corrected any problems we've pointed out and definitely aim to please so I highly recommend Wall Homes! Enjoy!

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