January 29, 2011

we're moving...

Well we aren't moving houses but we are moving blog spaces!  If you currently follow www.oliveourfamily.com then you are set!  If you are using a blog reader and you are following www.oliveourfamily.blogspot.com then please make sure you change it to www.oliveourfamily.com.  As of today we will no longer be using Blogger.  I have been working hard to create a new site for our family!

I can't post with pictures so here is a collage of a mini-session I did with Cullen the other day and a new hat I had made by my friend Valerie at Valerie B created for Cullen!  She can make just about anything so be sure to check out her site!

I also posted a cute video of Hazel and Cullen getting more acquainted with one another!  Love them!

January 26, 2011

San Diego

Well a couple of weeks ago I made a weekend trip to San Diego to visit Corey.  Dicque and Papa Joe were so sweet to stay with the babies and send us play by play pictures and videos.  It was definitely harder than I thought to leave them, considering I left them every day for the first 3 months of their lives, but I still stayed strong and didn't shed a tear.  It was so nice to get away and I know that we are so fortunate to have such sweet family.

I prefer to travel with one bag but I figured this was probably the last time for a long time that that will happen so it needed to be documented.   We went to the Gaslamp Quarters for breakfast and then drove over to Hotel del Coronado and wandered around.  We treated ourselves to an ice cream sundae as big as our heads.  It was HUGE!

Apparently it was Elvis' birthday...

I got a new hat at a small boutique and we also ran a 5K along the cove Sunday morning!

Can you see our friends the seals behind us in La Jolla?  We had a beautiful lunch outside and we could see the seals from our table.  Then we made the hike down to the beach so we could get a closer look.

It was so hard to leave Corey in LA and come home to my babies.  I just wish we could all be together all the time!

January 15, 2011

things children born in 2011 will never know...

Interesting and funny all at the same time.  I found this article/list and posted it below,

  • Paying for long distance, the Internet has become a most used for communication so long distance calls are cheaper on line.
  • Newspaper classifieds, the times are a thing of the past when you had to buy newspapers to look at news and bargains.
  • The evening news with a smart phone in your pocket you are ell informed.
  • Compact Discs, from records, to  cassettes and now  compact discs, the Internet is connected all music.
  • Film cameras, film would mean nothing to children born in 2011 as digital cameras are well taken over film cameras.
  • Yellow pages and white pages, who would want to use such a heavy book to find someone? Papa Joe did ask me for a phone book the other day and I about laughed!  So funny how things have changed.
  • Catalogues, there is no need for receiving books of information in the mail,email is mostly used to see a sale anywhere in the world.
  • The world of today is about computers and all the new devices presented  to us, knowledge is remembered by computers, as we have it all the time.  Remember your friend from high school, you don’t need to forget them that fast connect to Facebook and you will find anyone you want to.
  • Dial up Internet, that is almost gone in most places, speed Internet is now available it won’t be long before Internet goes the way of a plug-in phone.
  • The time when you bought encyclopedias now you don’t need all those big books.
  • Fax machines won’t be much in use, pdf, and scan mostly used.
  • The idea of work and home being separated no, it won’t be, there won’t be a wall between home and office, with an email equipped computer in your pocket you will always be contacted.
  • Having pictures on your wall, that won’t be much of either, with digital frames this is most efficient.
  • Wires connecting phones, computers and other electronics  to walls will be like an extension cord to cars.
  • Hand-written letters, children from today will put shame on you on the keyboard.
  • When you thought it was rude for you to talk to text other people while with someone, for the children of this year born won’t find it that way, they will do it the way the wish.
  • Retirement plans , at one time you had to work you whole life for a company to receive the monthly cheque, but now you will even receive payment on your medical bills.
  • Mail what  is left when you clear the  mail you receive today, and pay the bills on line, a news flash on losing billions on taxpayers.
  • Commercials on television is very expensive,  and commercial music radio, the Internet is streaming with music, who will pay for all of this?
  • A while ago if you didn’t answer you home phone nobody would know of  your plans, and if you were still alive. Your phone,  now is in your pocket and every one will know where you are.

January 7, 2011

7 months old.

I am both happy and sad today.  Happy because my babies are 7 months old and they are overall very healthy preemies but sad because June 7, 2010 is getting farther and farther away.  We are not closer to the first birthday than we are from BIRTHday.  I know that this is part of it and that it is only going to continue but I LOVE them so much it hurts.  I adore the phase that they are in and have been having so much fun with them.

Oh Mr. Cullen.  You have the best giggle I've ever heard and you share it often...with Mommy.  You are very stingy with your smiles, laughs and conversations with others but definitely have eyes for me.  You are now sleeping for about 10 hours a night.  Woo hoo!  Mom and Dad are very grateful!  You are eating about 6 ounces 5 times a day and are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  I still try to put you in a few of your 3 month outfits that are too cute...I will continue to do it while I can get away with it!  You still don't really care for a pacifier and that is fine with us.  You will take it sometimes when you are quite tired but it is a rare occasion.  You love to watch your gloworm when you go to sleep.  You are very active and love being on your tummy.  You are also a champ at sitting in your Bumbo chair and love to play with your toys on the tray.  You even hang out with Mommy while she blow dries her hair or cooks.  You are putting your hands in your mouth quite often and chewing on your fingers...I love it!  You and Presley are starting to notice one another more and more everyday.  If you all lay next to each other we will sometimes find you all holding hands...priceless.  You adore your bath time and playing peek-a-boo.  You also grab your puppies and they don't seem to mind much.  You are slow to wake up like your Mommy and love to be read to.  It might be because Mommy's so animated!  You are wonderful in public but prefer to be out of your car seat to check things out.  You had your very first Christmas and even though you didn't quite know what was going on you were very spoiled!  You are rolling from your back to your tummy and in the past few days we've found you on your tummy in your crib!  So smart!  You are going to physical therapy twice a week to work on hitting those developmental milestones and you are doing a wonderful job...you love Miss Penny!  You do wonderful with "strangers" and love being held.  You are my chunky love, my snuggle bear, Cullen Grey, Chicken, & Cullen bear....

Sweet Presley.  You are ALL smiles ALL the time.  It is a rare moment that you are unhappy!  You are also a giggler now but you are more reserved with your voice but when it comes boy does it ever!!  You have quite the volume on you and it is always very random!  We love hearing it and have yet to capture it on video because we never know when you're going to talk to us! You are eating about 5 ounces 5 times a day and are sleeping for about 10 hours a night.  You are taking 4 naps a day and are wearing 0-3 month clothes.  You still aren't fond of being on your tummy for more than about one minute but we are persistent!  You love your pacifier and love to watch your gloworm when you go to sleep.  You will also sit in your Bumbo chair for a bit and have business meetings with your brother.  You are pulling bibs and blankets up over your face.  You enjoy peek-a-boo and have so much fun in your bath.  You're figuring out how to splash.  You always pull your legs up and tuck your legs to roll from side to side.  You are going to OT once a week to hit your developmental milestones and make sure that your eating consistently.  You are particular and definitely know what you want...a girl after my own heart!  You stick out your tounge quite a bit and we're keeping an eye on it.  You are noticing your brother and smile at him often.  You love to be read to!  You are my Miss P, Presley P, Presley Joe, Tiny tot, Nugget, Fighter, Hoodini, & Tater tot...

January 4, 2011


This song made me think of our upcoming trip to San Diego!! Can't wait to get away with my love!! Let me know if you have any suggestions of what to do while we're there.

two thousand and eleven

Our New Year's Eve was quite uneventful thanks to Cullen and Presley.  Not in a bad way...we just stuck to our usual routine for the evening.  We decided to hang around the house this year and I'd venture to say that everyone was in bed by 10 pm.  Corey's immediate family was arriving in town that evening for our Christmas celebration and a surprise for Perk the following day.  

We spent our New Year's Day with family celebrating Perk!  All of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and nieces/nephews came to Magnolia to surprise her.  They came from Hong Kong, Atlanta, Idaho, New Mexico...ALL over!  It was such a special celebration!  Boy did we surprise her!

The whole gang.

 Our silly group picture!

Perk with all of her "greats"!

Now we are not really a New Year's Resolution kind of house.  I am not particularly fond of them because I feel as if every year people are prone to setting the same resolutions that they are unable to keep.  I do know a few people that have kept theirs all year and for some this works out wonderfully but for the most part it isn't my thing.  

Something that Corey and I are working towards this year, especially since I have "retired" from teaching, is to be more financially responsible.  We'd like to move SOMEDAY (among other goals) and in order to do that we need to be more thoughtful with how we spend our money.  Therefore we are trying a new budget or rather going to start following our original budget and hope for the best.  

I have also taken up running again.  This happened before the "New Year" so it is not a New Year's Resolution.  I am going to run a 1/2 Marathon in March (in College Station) and have been training for about a month now.  This is something I've always wanted to do...in theory.  It is hard to remember when I'm running and would rather be at home or just quit.  I have never been the person to follow through with my workout goals or put taking care of myself at the top of my priority list.  I always feel like I need to take care of my home or my husband or my children and I tend to put taking care of myself last.  I'm going to do my best to change that.  So ask me how the running is going....not because I want to brag.  Because I need accountability.  

I have also forgotten to post about my biopsy test results.  The nodules are benign...thank the Lord.  The bummer news is that I have Hoshimoto's disease.  This disease can lead to hypothyroidism and in my case it has.  I was told by the doctor doing the biopsy that they would possibly figure out what was causing my thyroid to be underactive and low and behold he did.  I will begin seeing a specialist soon.  Here is the description I found on the Mayo Clinic website.

"In Hashimoto's disease, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. The resulting inflammation often leads to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)." 

I'll leave you all with a few pictures of the babies in their New Year outfits!

Happy Tuesday!

January 3, 2011

christmas :: part one

What a special and memorable month!  We have been blessed to remain at home for the majority of the month instead of traveling all over Texas - our usual holiday routine.  We did make a quick trip to Temple on Christmas Eve for lunch with the extended Oliver clan and had a wonderful time!  This is when the mini-van has come in handy (fortunately or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it!). We took both dogs so that they could have their time with Libby and Browser.  They lay in the floor of the van and sleep most of the way.  

 Uncle Tom and Miss P!

 Ben brought me my coffee (he ate all of the donuts ;) )

 Presley and her Great Grandma!

 They took a nap on the guest room floor.  I came in and found them laying exactly the same but they moved before we snapped the picture.

We got home late Christmas Eve but with enough time to start a few of our own traditions.  We read the babies The Night Before Christmas and read about Christ's birth from the book of Luke.  They really enjoy being read to and listen intently.  It could be because I am quite the animated reader!  

I am THAT Mom that also buys her puppies presents AND fills their stockings.  Hazel and Delilah were quite excited about their prizes and we did Christmas with them on Christmas Eve.  They've been smelling their stockings for quite sometime now so I knew they would enjoy their surprises.  They also got a Chuck-It and LOVE IT!  They are quite the "fetchers"- well Hazel is...Delilah is more interested in socializing with the neighbor dogs through their fences.

Corey and I shared gifts and since he isn't much of a reader (he still hasn't read the books I gave him last Christmas) his "read" gift was a children's book called "I Love You, Daddy".  If you know Corey then you know I scored big when I snagged this guy.  He is always full of surprises!  He tells me every year he isn't getting me anything for Christmas (or my birthday) and always finds a way to shock me.  This year he got me the racing flats I begged for a few months ago...not because I'm so fast that I need racing flats but because they were cute and didn't make my feet look like big foot!  He also surprised me with a new Chi (needed!) and a trip to San Diego THIS WEEKEND!  I am so nervous and excited!  I'll post more about that this week.

We celebrated with the babies the next morning (Christmas Day)!  They have definitely been spoiled this year!  We got them the Leapfrog table and the Leapfrog puppies.  They also got "wear" and "read" items.  They obviously didn't really get it this year but we enjoyed spending the morning with them and starting our traditions.

 Love watching her little wheels turn!

 Our fun new books and toys from The Cire's!

We can't wait to play in our new swing and they LOVE (despite Presley's face) the see n' say from The Duncan's!

Later Christmas Day, my family came up for lunch and we had a blast!  Our pork tenderloin turned into steaks because I forgot a bag of groceries at the store and didn't realize it until that morning.

 Love's her Uncle Dusty!

Fun pillow pals from The Liska's!

The day after Christmas we joined two of Corey's co-workers for lunch so that they could visit the babies.  If you remember, they visited the babies in the NICU (in what seems like years ago!) and haven't seen the babies since.  We loved chatting over lunch/brunch and catching up.  They held the babies the WHOLE time...it was so nice to eat without having a baby in your hands (the joy of being out numbered). Corey has been so blessed to work for such a special company that has been so accomodating throughout this time in our lives.  He is also been lucky enough to work with some of the neatest people I've ever met!

They also got to meet the newly engaged"Aunt" Jen, "Uncle" Cam later that evening.  They also got to meet "Aunt" Darby and "Uncle" Mark as well!  Corey had the best roommates in college and I love that we've kept in touch.  We haven't lived in the same town as them since we all graduated but it is great to see them when we make a trip to Dallas and visa versa!

I really dislike cramming a lot into one post so I apologize!  This doesn't even include Christmas with the Corey's immediate family! (waiting on pictures)  I'll leave you with how I usually find Corey and the babies!  Silly guy.

December 27, 2010

knock knock

Well we had a knock at the door the other morning during the first feed.  Corey is sitting on the couch in his underwear feeding Presley and I'm definitely not presentable myself but we scrambled around and finally got to the door.  To our surprise it was our besties the D'Andreas!  They came over to help with the morning routine and hang out for a bit.  Such a fun time!  Jack is at such a fun age and is so sweet with the babies!  I could literally eat him!  He was practicing counting to five, played in the dog kennel with me (actually I just locked him in there), fed the duck that visited our backyard and we even took a few pictures with the babies.  

This is my favorite!

Jack really wanted to do everything the babies can do!  He fit perfectly in the Bumbo!

"Why'd you lock me in here Aunt Britt?"