January 15, 2011

things children born in 2011 will never know...

Interesting and funny all at the same time.  I found this article/list and posted it below,

  • Paying for long distance, the Internet has become a most used for communication so long distance calls are cheaper on line.
  • Newspaper classifieds, the times are a thing of the past when you had to buy newspapers to look at news and bargains.
  • The evening news with a smart phone in your pocket you are ell informed.
  • Compact Discs, from records, to  cassettes and now  compact discs, the Internet is connected all music.
  • Film cameras, film would mean nothing to children born in 2011 as digital cameras are well taken over film cameras.
  • Yellow pages and white pages, who would want to use such a heavy book to find someone? Papa Joe did ask me for a phone book the other day and I about laughed!  So funny how things have changed.
  • Catalogues, there is no need for receiving books of information in the mail,email is mostly used to see a sale anywhere in the world.
  • The world of today is about computers and all the new devices presented  to us, knowledge is remembered by computers, as we have it all the time.  Remember your friend from high school, you don’t need to forget them that fast connect to Facebook and you will find anyone you want to.
  • Dial up Internet, that is almost gone in most places, speed Internet is now available it won’t be long before Internet goes the way of a plug-in phone.
  • The time when you bought encyclopedias now you don’t need all those big books.
  • Fax machines won’t be much in use, pdf, and scan mostly used.
  • The idea of work and home being separated no, it won’t be, there won’t be a wall between home and office, with an email equipped computer in your pocket you will always be contacted.
  • Having pictures on your wall, that won’t be much of either, with digital frames this is most efficient.
  • Wires connecting phones, computers and other electronics  to walls will be like an extension cord to cars.
  • Hand-written letters, children from today will put shame on you on the keyboard.
  • When you thought it was rude for you to talk to text other people while with someone, for the children of this year born won’t find it that way, they will do it the way the wish.
  • Retirement plans , at one time you had to work you whole life for a company to receive the monthly cheque, but now you will even receive payment on your medical bills.
  • Mail what  is left when you clear the  mail you receive today, and pay the bills on line, a news flash on losing billions on taxpayers.
  • Commercials on television is very expensive,  and commercial music radio, the Internet is streaming with music, who will pay for all of this?
  • A while ago if you didn’t answer you home phone nobody would know of  your plans, and if you were still alive. Your phone,  now is in your pocket and every one will know where you are.

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