January 3, 2011

christmas :: part one

What a special and memorable month!  We have been blessed to remain at home for the majority of the month instead of traveling all over Texas - our usual holiday routine.  We did make a quick trip to Temple on Christmas Eve for lunch with the extended Oliver clan and had a wonderful time!  This is when the mini-van has come in handy (fortunately or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it!). We took both dogs so that they could have their time with Libby and Browser.  They lay in the floor of the van and sleep most of the way.  

 Uncle Tom and Miss P!

 Ben brought me my coffee (he ate all of the donuts ;) )

 Presley and her Great Grandma!

 They took a nap on the guest room floor.  I came in and found them laying exactly the same but they moved before we snapped the picture.

We got home late Christmas Eve but with enough time to start a few of our own traditions.  We read the babies The Night Before Christmas and read about Christ's birth from the book of Luke.  They really enjoy being read to and listen intently.  It could be because I am quite the animated reader!  

I am THAT Mom that also buys her puppies presents AND fills their stockings.  Hazel and Delilah were quite excited about their prizes and we did Christmas with them on Christmas Eve.  They've been smelling their stockings for quite sometime now so I knew they would enjoy their surprises.  They also got a Chuck-It and LOVE IT!  They are quite the "fetchers"- well Hazel is...Delilah is more interested in socializing with the neighbor dogs through their fences.

Corey and I shared gifts and since he isn't much of a reader (he still hasn't read the books I gave him last Christmas) his "read" gift was a children's book called "I Love You, Daddy".  If you know Corey then you know I scored big when I snagged this guy.  He is always full of surprises!  He tells me every year he isn't getting me anything for Christmas (or my birthday) and always finds a way to shock me.  This year he got me the racing flats I begged for a few months ago...not because I'm so fast that I need racing flats but because they were cute and didn't make my feet look like big foot!  He also surprised me with a new Chi (needed!) and a trip to San Diego THIS WEEKEND!  I am so nervous and excited!  I'll post more about that this week.

We celebrated with the babies the next morning (Christmas Day)!  They have definitely been spoiled this year!  We got them the Leapfrog table and the Leapfrog puppies.  They also got "wear" and "read" items.  They obviously didn't really get it this year but we enjoyed spending the morning with them and starting our traditions.

 Love watching her little wheels turn!

 Our fun new books and toys from The Cire's!

We can't wait to play in our new swing and they LOVE (despite Presley's face) the see n' say from The Duncan's!

Later Christmas Day, my family came up for lunch and we had a blast!  Our pork tenderloin turned into steaks because I forgot a bag of groceries at the store and didn't realize it until that morning.

 Love's her Uncle Dusty!

Fun pillow pals from The Liska's!

The day after Christmas we joined two of Corey's co-workers for lunch so that they could visit the babies.  If you remember, they visited the babies in the NICU (in what seems like years ago!) and haven't seen the babies since.  We loved chatting over lunch/brunch and catching up.  They held the babies the WHOLE time...it was so nice to eat without having a baby in your hands (the joy of being out numbered). Corey has been so blessed to work for such a special company that has been so accomodating throughout this time in our lives.  He is also been lucky enough to work with some of the neatest people I've ever met!

They also got to meet the newly engaged"Aunt" Jen, "Uncle" Cam later that evening.  They also got to meet "Aunt" Darby and "Uncle" Mark as well!  Corey had the best roommates in college and I love that we've kept in touch.  We haven't lived in the same town as them since we all graduated but it is great to see them when we make a trip to Dallas and visa versa!

I really dislike cramming a lot into one post so I apologize!  This doesn't even include Christmas with the Corey's immediate family! (waiting on pictures)  I'll leave you with how I usually find Corey and the babies!  Silly guy.

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