December 27, 2006

It's been awhile!

Well it has been quite awhile since our last post and we have had many requests for new pics of the house and what we've done so far! Therefore we are going to follow through with those requests! I will apologize now because there are a lot of pics! Corey has been really busy creating all of the furniture that is requested of him and we just returned from a wonderful vacation to NYC with two of our best friends, Kat and Craig and an incredible Christmas with both of our families! We will post pics of our vacation and Christmas later! Corey is very talented and is starting to fulfill furniture orders outside of Brittani's! If you know of anyone that is interested in his services let us know!
The dining room table Corey created!
Another pic of our dining room table and bench that Corey created
Our hall - family tree pictures

Our guest bathroom
Our bench for the front porch (Corey made it!)
The desk and bookshelf in the office (this is only 1/2 of the room - also Corey's creation)
Our guest room (COME VISIT US!)
Our bedroom - Corey made the bed!

Our living room & formal dining room

Our upstairs game/workout/craft room

Our living room furniture (Corey made the shelf!)

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