April 29, 2007

The Oliver update!

Hello all! It has been an eventful month! About two weeks ago we ventured to sunny Costa Rica again to embark on a few new adventures! I recently got a new laptop and have not had the software required to edit my photos so I apologize for the delay in posting the pics! On our trip to Costa Rica we got to see and do a lot of incredible things! On Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn and took a 3 hour car ride to Arenal. It is one of the active volcanos in Costa Rica! The trip there was beautiful and we always get to stop at these very small, locally owned shops to browse and have coffee. We stayed at a resort across from Arenal for the evening. We had an incredible view the entire time we were there. It is really difficult to put into words how beautiful everything is there. The resort had natural hot springs and that was our first stop while we waited for our room to be prepared. While I was waiting for Corey to get clean towels and a drink, I witnessed the death of a frog by snake. I apologize...there is no photo because I ran away screaming. I forgot to mention that the hot springs, along with everything else, are in the middle of the rainforest and very secluded. I am still in trouble for not taking a picture of that! Then we took a nap by the pool (I prefer man-made water attractions). After, Corey decided to go on the Canopy Tour of the Rainforest. The canopy is 150 ft tall and has a zipline through the rainforest. Very exciting, I'm sure, but I opted for a massage at the spa! Corey argued that I would want to be able to say I ziplined through the rainforest but I am quite fine with the fact that I had a massage in the rainforest instead! ;) After we enjoyed a lovely Costa Rican dinner with a view of Arenal! We left Arenal at 4:30 am and embarked on a 3 hour car ride to the pier to leave for Tortuga Island. This was quite the experience! Along the way we were able to see 7 beautiful islands in the tropics. Shortly before docking, I started to feel ill. I thought I was simply sea sick so I went below to get some tums out of my bag and sit under a fan (get out of the sun). I didn't realize that I was not sea sick at all, I was having a hypoglycemic attack. In a matter of 5 minutes I had lost all equilibrium, vision, and my consciousness at times. This all happened as the boat was being docked. I was in an island in the Tropics in the middle of no where, about 4 hours away from a hospital. Honestly, the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I thought I was dying. Corey remained very calm and as I was being carried off the boat the man was talking to me and I told him I couldn't see. He immediately knew (because of his family history) that I was hypoglycemic and brought me some sugar water. About 45 minutes later I was ready to rock and roll! The rest of the time was wonderful! We ate a great Costa Rican lunch, met wonderful people, played with a wild boar, and went snorkeling!

Since then Corey has still been traveling back and forth to Costa Rica. It is taking a toll on him but we are enjoying our time together on the weekends. We have still been working in the yard every chance we get and hope to finish the backyard next weekend. School will be finishing for me on May 30th! YEA! I am looking forward to having the summer off and having my second year under my belt. I will be teaching first grade again next year as well! Sorry this is so long! Thanks for checking up on us!

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