September 23, 2007

Long time no post!!

Hey! I apologize for the long gap in our posts! So much has happened so I will bullet to keep it short!

- We have celebrated our one year anniversary! Corey took me to San Antonio to celebrate because I'd never been to Sea World or Six Flags. Unfortunately, due to weather, we were unable to make it to Six Flags but Sea World and just exploring SA was a blast!!
- Corey left IBM and has begun working for Deloitte and Touche Consulting. He has been working from home for about 7-8 weeks until being assigned to a project this past week. Is is currently in Las Vegas on business (what a rough life!) and then will begin traveling to Atlanta, GA starting Wednesday to work on the Home Depot project.
- I have begun another splendid school year! I absolutely adore my students and have really enjoyed being settled into the same school for the first time.
- I traveled to New York City this summer with my best friend, Holly. We were met there by her boyfriend, Philip and Corey. Holly was unaware that they were surprising us or that she would be getting engaged! We were honored to be a part of such a special moment and enjoyed our time in NYC with them! We also helped to host an engagement party for them this past weekend in Dallas! Again, so honored to be there!
- We had a lovely visit with my family at the end of the summer before my brother Jody and his family left for their move to Germany. We miss them!
- We joined our church last weekend! Woodsedge Community Church! We are so blessed and excited to belong somewhere. This was a first time experience for me so it is was very special.
- I celebrated my 25th birthday on September 7th and had a wonderful day with my parents, students, and husband! My parents came up to take me to lunch and Corey took me to dinner to celebrate as well as threw a surprise party for me with Blitz!
- Corey has been fishing quite a bit in our backyard and loving every minute of it!
- Corey celebrated his 27th birthday! We sold the Jeep Cherokee and purchased a new Toyota Tundray - kind of a birthday present! I got a new grill for his birthday and threw him a birthday party so that he could try it out!

I apologize for the extra long post but we hope you all are doing wonderfully and would love to hear from you! Enjoy the pictures!

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