April 6, 2010

20 weeks

Well yesterday was our 20 week mark and boy are things starting to feel crowded in here!   These babies still have a lot of growing to do though!  We went last Thursday for our most recent appointment an ultrasound.  Cullen was measuring at 20 weeks already and currently weighs 12 oz.  Presley was measuring at 19 weeks 5 days (right on track) and weighs 11 oz. They were quite active too!  We were able to confirm once more that Cullen is a "he" and Presley is a "she"!  This was also our ultrasound where they measured various parts of their bodies and checked their hearts - all looked healthy and wonderful!  I was having quite a lot of braxton hicks (quite often) and therefore my doctor would like to see me back in 2 weeks to see if they subside.  Since my appointment I have not noticed them nearly as much so that is a blessing!

Cullen gave his first gig'em and made his Mommy & Daddy proud!
We love his long little legs and bottom already!

Presley's precious profile! 

This is my proof for Israel that she's STILL a girl! ;)


Melissa said...

You are an adorable preggo! Love hearing all the good updates on Cullen and Presley!

Kyle and Ali said...

LOVE the Gig 'em, Cullen!!! :)

Doylina Johnson said...

I bet Mommy and Daddy was so proud of Cullen! and Presley is just a cutie! I am praying your braxton hicks completely go away!

Brittani & Corey Oliver said...

Thanks guys! I was definitely one proud Mama!

Doy - Thank you for the prayers! I really appreciate it and I think they're helping!