June 9, 2010

Love these kids.

Completely blessed.

Babies are doing great.  Yesterday morning Cullen had dropped a couple ounces and Presley gained an ounce and they met at 2 lbs 8 ounces.  Yesterday evening Cullen was back up to 2 lbs 9 onces and Presley was down to 2 lbs 4 ounces.  No weight update today but they are looking good.

Britt will probably be here in 2265 until Friday.  Cullen and Presley have a target NICU graduation date of August 23rd. 

Cullen came off his CPAP this morning and Presley's has been turned down so that is progress.  That means they are both breathing a bit better on their own.  Neither of them are on caffeine.  Remember that statement about preemies not always remembering to breathe?  Well both these kids are geniuses and remembering to breathe on their own without a morning cup of joe. 

Forgive me.. my lines of TMI have become a little blurrly in the past couple days.. go figure..

That being said, both babies are peeing and poo'ing!  Great news! Cullen actually started on Monday a few hours after being born.  

I've been pretty blessed with friends, family, and colleagues that have shared some pretty 'suite' opportunities with me.  I've watched NFL games from the head coaches suite, I have watched the MLB from luxury boxes, front row on Broadway, back stage concerts, Aggie football from the President's box, and so many hotel presidential suites that I don't even steal the toiletries anymore.  I can honestly say there is not a sweeter suite out there than this one.  Cullen and Presley are in a great place.

Papa and Dad sitting in the luxury suite.

That brings me to another thought.. list of blessings..

1.  Some dear friends of ours met their boys Camden and Sullivan at 29 weeks, exactly 4 weeks prior.  Their suite is right next to ours.  We have watched them grow, progress, and listen to their parents for the past month.  They have graciously shared a preview that unknowingly prepared our hearts.
2.  Insurance.  Many people tackle this journey with a very heavy financial burden. 
3.  Time.  Deloitte and my current client have given me the gift of time. 
4.  No complications just yet.

All of these have given Britt and I a peace of mind that has been nothing short of fabulous.  Britt has been showered with balloons and flowers feels right at home.

For the next couple days they will be 'sun-tanning'.  These lights help with jaundice.


Presley got her mother's long toes!

Cullen waving

Another pic of Cullen's huge hand

Cullen all over the place

Cullen holding onto his CPAP yesterday

Presley spit out her little pacifier

Papa smiling at Presley (this is from hour 0 since Britt is rolled in the background back there, but since he hasn't got a shout out yet I wanted to throw him in there.  He has been a huge help too.  We actually laid some sod this morning in my backyard..)

They have actually had some tummy time too.

Presley is rocking some cute blonde hair and Cullen's is dark.  Going to try and post a video of her precious cry..


And we just happened to visit when they were switching their masks just now.  Our first glimpse of their precious little faces.

A short video of mama and Cullen squirming..



Thanks everyone for all the food, visits, flowers, love, and prayers.  We really are on cloud nine now.

I am doing really well too.. thanks guys!

Perk came up to see her newest GREAT grandchildren.

More later.  Love Corey


kristin fulghum said...

congrats corey! they look adorable. praying for you guys.

chris & cheryl butler said...

Loving your posts! They are doing so well! We can't wait to share many good times and memories over the years with you guys and of course our "little" ones :).

dicque said...

We love these babies too AND Mama and Daddy! So BIG! Precious journal of their little lives. Thank you!

The Pifer's said...

Love the pics, so glad to know everyone is doing great. Think and pray for y'all often....I can't wait to see these precious babies :)

Love y'all lots!


Chelsea & Nick said...

You are doing an awesome job keeping us all updated. Thanks for that. You are all four in my prayers.

Lissa Michelle said...

ahhhh you made me cry with the "suite" paragraph. i just love the awestruck wonder of new parents! congratulations!