August 21, 2010

the big introduction

Since we got Hazel & Delilah we've been curious how they would react with our children someday.  When Charley Jack was a baby they adored him but as time has passed Hazel has been a bit more apprehensive around babies and children that do more than just lay there.

These two girls have been our "babies" for the past year and we have grown to love them so much.  Everyone has told us that they would take the back seat once the twins were born but I have to say that as of yet that has not happened.  We have tried so hard to include them in everything and Corey has done a wonderful job of taking them outside daily to play.

They adore Cullen!  We've caught them "arguing" over him and we try to let them know that there is another one coming but they'll understand soon enough!  They want to kiss him and check on him all the time!  We've started calling Hazel the "pooptective" because she loves to smell his bottom for dirty diapers! The initial introduction was typical because Delilah came right over to check him out and Hazel wasn't quite sure what to think so she hung out on the couch for a bit.  She is not really a fan of the car seat so I have a feeling that she was more worried about that than the actual baby.

Once we got him of the car seat everyone wanted to check him out & the "pooptective" went to work!

They're also really great about helping with feedings!

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Kat and Craig said...

love you lilah, hazel, and CULLEN!!!