August 26, 2010

smart girls!

Hazel & Delilah LOVE to play soccer with Corey behind our house and give me a heart attack everytime because they go outside of the fence.  In one of their recent games they finally found the small lake right behind our house and decided to explore the water.  We've been curious as to how they'd react in water because neither of them have ever swam.  They loved it!  Unfortunately they needed a good bath after their swim because it isn't the cleanest water.  Corey decided to try bathing them in the backyard rather than carrying them through the house - our normal practice.  It worked out very well and they LOVED the water hose.  He used a tupperware bucket and made it their "bathtub". 

He took a few quick videos of their soccer game the other day!  I have to brag because they are so smart!  We're very proud parents! 

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Jen said...

When it's warm, we always bathe Macie and Winnie outside. Less mess for me to clean inside! :) They're so used to it that they just stand next to us and let us hose them down, bathe them, and rinse.