November 13, 2010

i know what you're thinking...

Those twins are the cutest babies I've ever seen!  It's even ok if you think they're cuter than your own children (or grandchildren)!  I won't tell! ;)  God must have really liked us a lot to give us babies this cute!

Ok in all seriousness we had an impromptu photo session upstairs in the cutest onesies.  I started a new bible study with a group of women my age shortly after the twins were born.  We are all in the same stage of life are there are even a few moms with twins!  Well one of my new favorite girls surprised me with these precious onesies that she made!  She's so crafty...just makes me sick but I'm glad that she spoiled Cullen & Presley with her craftiness!

This is one of the first times we've gotten them together for a photo without screaming involved!  Love them!

She looks frightened!

 Love their smiles!


Thompsons4 said...

So yummy!

icenhower-family said...

Precious impromtu photo shoot...they are indeed adorable!!