April 8, 2006

Here is our FIRST house number!!!! They have finished our brick and stone and I just think it is gorgeous! We are absolutely in LOVE! We both aren't sure if we like the paint or if we think it goes well with the brick/stone color but darker wouldn't look better so I think it'll grow on us! They re-did the insulation (that's for you kristin!) and we are hoping to have sheet rock this week! We are thinking it will be done at the end of May or June at this point but we haven't heard anything official yet. Someone backed into (we think) the left side of the garage and there is a lot of cracking going on in the brick/stone so they are going to have to fix that. That will set them back some. But I am so excited and I love Wall Homes! I really wanted my laundry room door moved (this is very late to be doing that) and they did it for us! I was so grateful! Corey's parents came to see the house this weekend because they were in town for a wedding so we enjoyed giving them a tour of the house and the other houses being built in the neighborhood! Thanks for reading!

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