April 17, 2006


kitchen -->

living room

Well I forgot the camera when we went this weekend to check out the house. They had finished the sheet rock, the brick was still cracked (somewhat), and we had a new skylight (hole in the roof!)...it's a long story! :) I went by today after my job interview and all is well! The skylight has been closed and I couldn't get a good look at the brick because there was a van parked in front of it. They finished patching all of the nails and rounding the corners of the sheet rock today and I am impressed! I am hoping they will texturize and paint the rest of the week! That would be neat! I believe after they paint come cabinets, then tile, driveway, fence, not sure when the fixtures, appliances, and carpet come but I believe it is sometime after they have a lockable door. Thanks for checking back and keeping up with us! Oh they also finished the pavillion across the lake behind our house! It is so cool! It was something that was "promised" by the developer but we weren't sure when and it is already done! Check back this weekend for more updates!

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