April 25, 2006


Hello all! I am sorry I didn't post these sooner! We have texture, trim and a garage door now! Also they did the brick for our posts on the back patio and also hung a mantle! I almost forgot that they added a handle to the stairway! Hopefully this weekend there will be paint! I am not sure what else to expect when or how the rest of the timeline will play out. The house next door to us had cabinets put in next, then tile, driveway, fence, carpet, fixtures, and landscaping if I remember correctly. That is where their house was at when we were there this past weekend and all they need now are appliances so apparently the rest of this is going to happen rather quickly. We are told we will definitely close in May, we just aren't sure what part of May yet. I also included a picture of the pavillion that they have built behind our house. The top right picture is the corner view of our upstairs room. ENJOY!

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