April 26, 2006

Whoo Hoo!

Check out this!!! I had to go to the Woodlands today for two job interview (got offers from both of them by the way!) and I got to see our house! We have a real driveway! Our very own driveway! They are also almost done painting and it looks fantabulous! We are hoping the paint is done this week and Corey is hoping they finish the columns in the front of the house but they just got the stone they needed to do it. I'm dreaming of cabinets but I think that is dreaming too big since it is already Wednesday! This is such an exciting process and a wonderful day because I got a job at the school of my DREAMS!! I could jump up and down right now and scream because I am so happy! Check back for more this weekend because hopefully we'll get to go back! ENJOY! <><

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