May 5, 2006

Tile and much, much more!

Well here is what we have! They layed the tile for the entire house this past week, put in cabinetry, some fixtures, a sink, and toilets! We also have our front columns complete with stone/brick. We had some problems with the trim in the house because we thought it would be lighter. We got a price quote to repaint it lighter and it was going to be $1500 so we had decided to redo it ourselves but now that we have really looked at it when it is almost complete we really like it and probably will not repaint it so that is a big relief! Give feedback though on the thoughts about the trim color (crown molding, doors, some baseboards). We also have an awesome view...especially once they finish working back there because there won't be anymore bulldozers! We have a really cool kitchen sink and I "practiced" getting the mail today! :) I know...I'm a dork! They are going to start locking it this upcoming Tuesday which means we are almost done! We have our final walkthrough the 19th of this month and are supposed to close on the 25th! Then it's time to move so if you are available to help on the 28th of May please let us know! Bribery is offered! Thanks for keeping up and we love you all!

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