March 18, 2007

Spring Break

This Spring Break I had the privledge of traveling to Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, and Ontario! Why you ask? Because of weather and delays! :) Corey was working in Niagara Falls this past week and asked his parents and I if we would like to join him for Spring Break! After many a storms in Houston, 2 plane tickets, lost luggage, and a night in Detroit alone, I finally made it to Buffalo, NY and then to my final destination of Toronto! We really enjoyed our stay and got to experience Canada as well as Niagara Falls! It was absolutely one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen and I was so glad we could share it with Corey's parents! After about 24 hours in Canada it was time to head home! Little did we know that a snow storm was headed our way! Our flight from Buffalo to Cleveland and then to Houston was cancelled for Friday and rescheduled for Saturday but because Corey is so smart - he had another idea! He had a feeling that we would not really get to fly out on Saturday (he was right!) so decided to rent another car, drive to Toronto and fly out of there the following morning. Because of this move we made it safely home at 9:30 am Saturday morning! Corey's parents didn't have the same fate...They flew out of Buffalo an hour late into DC and missed their connecting flight. Along with this they stayed in the airport for the night with no luggage only to find out the following day after about 12 hours in line and on phones that they would not be able to fly home until Tuesday. They are still in DC, making the best of the situation and sight seeing until then! Through all of this I kept asking myself (once I calmed down) what God wanted us to learn from this experience. What I came up with was the following:
1. He wanted us to see as many places as possible in one trip
2. patience (still working on this one!)
3. To be grateful that we had the opportunity to travel at all
If you can think of any other positives please let us know!
Although our visit was short we throughly enjoyed it and I have posted pics below! Enjoy!

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