March 18, 2007

Wonderful Sunday!

After catching up on our sleep we realized we overslept for church this morning! So I decided to pack us a picnic to take to the park and do our devotional! We took Blitz with us which was a humorous experience. We found a park that coincidently had a dog park. Although it looked like a lot of fun we knew the end result would involve lawyers if we let Blitz play with the other dogs unleashed. Instead we chose to be onlookers as the other dogs played so nicely together. We are hoping he will realize how poor his social skills are! ;) Then we decided to continue our conquest to become professional landscapers! I completed our new front flower bed and Corey prepared our existing flower bed for planting (next weekend) and enlarged it as well. I have posted a few pics from our fun day! Our journey of yard beautification will continue throughout the next few weeks! We will keep you posted! :)

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