April 29, 2010

23 weeks

I'm sorry that this is so late because we are already half way through our 23rd week!  Better late than never!  These babies are growing so quickly and I can feel them more and more every day!  I will have my glucose test and next doctor's appointment in my 25th week and then we'll have our next ultrasound at 28 weeks.  Lots to look forward too!

We also had our first "official" baby shower this past weekend in Temple, TX.  It was hosted by a group of wonderful family and friends.  They definitely spoiled Cullen and Presley with a lot of prizes!  We can't wait for them to arrive so that they can meet everyone!  I posted a few pictures from the shower below!

Our wonderful hostesses!

Sarah and I being silly!  Our babies are going to be born so close together!  Can't wait!

The precious basket of twin goodies from cousin Tiff & Aunt Adelle!

Corey being silly with the cute cookies!  He thinks the peas in a pod look like lips!

Sweet friends!

The gorgeous sock monkey quilt tops that Dicque made for us!  Love them!!

Prizes for Cullen & Presley!

Corey was feeling left out of the belly pictures!

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming generousity and love! 


Kat and Craig said...

your dress is precious! i love it. you didn't tell me about those quilts! they are awesome! you look gorgeous britt! love you so much.

Jen said...

You look super cute Brittani! I just saw a post on another blog with all sorts of pictures of rooms decorated with a sock monkey theme. Thought you might like to check it out. http://designdazzle.blogspot.com/2010/04/sock-monkey-bedrooms.html

Thompsons4 said...

So funny story... I thought the glucose test was yummy. If you take the same drink that I did, it tastes like uncarbonated Orange Crush. Hint, put it in the freezer 30 min. or so before you drink it and it will taste kinda frosty!