May 10, 2010

way behind!

I didn't realize that I was so behind in posting!  Corey worked remotely last week so I had him take my photo on Monday evening - sorry that there isn't a sign!  Delilah wanted to get in on the photo for once too.  We have switched our planning time at school with 2nd grade until next week so that our students can practice for their upcoming program.  Therefore I had the privilege of taking my photo today in front of the car line!  I'm sure all of those parents got a big kick out of that! 

I'm feeling pretty great lately!  There are always the normal aches and discomforts but overall everything is going very smoothly!  I felt them today moving almost the entire day!  I don't generally feel them at school but they were moving all over the place.  They are also generally pretty active during church which is sweet. 

Two Fridays ago I had quite a lot of contractions.  I think my total was about 20ish in about 4 hours.  I spoke with my OB and she suggested that I take a bath after school and rest to see if they would subside.  Thankfully they did but my stomach was still extremely tight until the next day.  My babies are not a fan of standing on my feet for 5 days! 

I go in bright and early tomorrow morning for my glucose test so wish me luck!

Corey definitely spoiled me on my first Mother's Day!  It was such a neat day and something I really will treasure for always.  He let me sleep in and brought me breakfast in bed.  Later that morning we went to church and after church he took me shopping for pajamas!  That was what I asked for because I have had such a hard time finding pajamas that fit.  I really am one lucky girl and I have loved watching him get so excited about our babies! 

For those of you that might not know, last Monday my Dad had the lower half of his right leg amputated.  It was an emotional day for our family but we're glad that he made it through the surgery and that he is healing wonderfully.  He was moved this evening to a rehab facility where he will be evaluated for a prosthesis and begin rehabilitation.  Almost our entire family spent last Monday at the hospital and it was so neat to see everyone.  My brother, Jody, from Germany came in and my sister, Traci, from Florida drove down to spend the week with our Mom and help around the house.  I know that my parents loved having them here and I enjoyed the little bit of time that I was able to spend with them. 

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Melissa said...

You continue to look fabulous!! Glad to hear your dad is doing well. I am sure that was difficult!!