May 26, 2010

things are getting!

Well I am so sorry for the delay in our posts! I have not stopped taking belly photos but I've been a bit too busy to sit down and post them. Things have gotten quite interesting in the past couple of days. I went to the doctor on Friday to get checked due to quite a few braxton hicks on Thursday. I was not dialated but she wanted to do a fetal fibronectin test to be on the safe side. After school on Monday evening I received a phone call from my doctor telling me that the test came back positive. Her request was to start me on steroid shots starting Tuesday. Also she told me that I would begin modified bed rest and do not return to school. This was all very unexpected but we're willing to do whatever is necessary to keep these babies healthy!

26 weeks
27 weeks
I went in to share the news with my students yesterday and they were just as disheartened as I was.  They made signs begging me not to leave but I know that they are in great hands for the last week of school.  It was definitely sad to end the school year with them so abruptly.

After visiting my students, I went to the hospital for my first steroid shot.  My doctor requested for me to have an NST to monitor the babies heart rate and my contractions.  I had some irritability (due to their constant movement, possibly a full bladder, small contractions, etc.) and a couple of good contractions so they decided to administer fluids through an IV and gave me two shots of terbutaline.  I had already been prescribed this on Friday but was waiting for the pharmacy to fill the prescription.  I didn't realize when I went in that I would be there 5 hours but I had my dear friend Cheryl stopped by to visit and Kat came to take care of me as well!

Cheryl was kind enough to take these beautiful photos of me hanging out in the hospital!

  I went back today for my second steroid shot and had a much shorter visit.  They decided to monitor us again and everything looked great.  I've been taking the terbutaline every 4 hours - it makes you feel as if you've had about 6 cups of coffee!  Crazy!  As of now, I'll see our OB/GYN again next Friday to see our babies for the first time in 8 weeks and to follow up.

We have also received a few decorations for the nursery that I've added!  Our bedding arrived last week and I'm in love!  Also, our lamp shade came today!  The walls are still bear but we have a plan and are hoping to get that finished in the next couple of weeks!  I have posted a few pictures below!!

Thank you all for your sweet words and prayers!!  We will continue to post updates here as things progress!


the abernathy's said...

everything looks precious! i love the room. REST REST REST! i know you will do what is best for those little angels. god is in control! lots of love and prayers headed to you, corey, C&P! xo

chris & cheryl butler said...

I think that the room looks great!!!! (and so do you of course :). Great hanging out with you...sorry it had to be at the hospital.