June 5, 2010

No babies yet!

So.. I started and stopped this blog post several times. The rest of my entries will not be this long. That is a promise.  And as soon as she is feeling better she will probably take away my picture posting privileges.

We want to thank everyone again for being so willing to help and so understanding. Britt is hoping she will feel better in the next few days and take all of you up on the offers to come hang out and pass the time. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.

We are at the hospital waiting for babies. Hopefully we get to wait here (this is Corey talking, I am pretty sure Britt is ready to pop) for several weeks to come.

Friday we had a doctor's appointment at 11am. It started off okay.. ultrasound and both babies looked good. Cullen was a stinker and kept hiding his head so we did not get a real good picture of him. More on that later... We learned that Presley's head is up top and Cullen's head is down low. Kinda like this...

Presley must have been hogging all the powdered donuts, ice cream, and fruit snacks because she  measured in almost a quarter pound heavier than her brother.  Presley measured at 2 lbs 13 ounces and Cullen at 2 lbs 10 ounces.

After the ultrasound, Britt went back to the waiting room to wait for the doctor and I headed downtown for a meeting. About 20 minutes later I was still driving, Britt calls me and says "Do a u-turn, I am at a 5.." Aparently that is baby talk for "halfway there" or preemie talk for "holy moly". Cullen wasn't hiding his head, he was just trying to crawl right out. So I did a u-turn. I didn't get any more information for about 15 minutes or so.

She finally calls me back as she is being admitted and lets me know that she will not get to leave until the babies are here... UIL number sense math skills come in to play and I optimistically think 38 weeks - 28 weeks = 2.5 months in bed = poor Britt! Since we really weren't processing the "holy moly" translation just yet, Britt almost shed a few tears when she realized she wouldn't get to see Hazel & Delilah again. (We have a 1st floor room with a window so I plan on bringing them by for a peak soon).

By the time I got to the hospital she was already sporting two IVs. One with fluids and one with Magnesium which is used to try and control the contractions. Contractions? What are those.. we never felt any. But apparently they were present to the tune of 8-10 an hour.

Magnesium isn't fun because it gives you flu like symptoms. She felt like she was on fire and got very nauseated with a terrible headache. They started her off on 1 gram of Magnesium an hour. The contractions didn't slow down. Upped the dose to 2 grams an hour and simultaneously upped her flu like symptoms as well. Contractions still didn't slow down so they upped her to the mazimum dose of 3 grams an hour. They also gave her a dose of morphine later in the evening and the combination finally relaxed her a bit and got the contractions down to 5-6 an hour. We are blessed to be in such a great place. Her doctor can monitor her contractions from home... I find that neat.

Back up an hour or so.. She was starving since she didn't get to eat lunch so they gave her some broth and jello for dinner. That survived about 15 minutes before we saw it again.. poor thing.

I'll tell you what.. there are lots of pregnant chicks around here.. anyways..

She did not get much sleep last night. Nurse was in every hour or so to either check the babies heart rates, her contractions, or draw some blood to measure the magnesium levels. About 10:30 they discovered that the mag levels were too high so they lowered her dose. About 4:30 they discovered they were still too high so they took her off of it completely for a few hours. They started her back on about 1.5g an hour around 7:30am this morning... and started her back on the flu symptoms. They were not as bad this go round. She did have some clear fluids again for breakfast but didn't get to keep those around very long either.

Feeding her italian ice.. pretty sure she liked the way it tasted the first time better than the second.

Nurse Dicque (my mom) came up around 8am. Well they really came in last night. They had been planning on coming in for a while since Britt (now I) has a shower tomorrow. When they got here I went home to gather the list of things Britt put together that she wanted. In mid-gather I get a call from mom that contractions are up to every 4-5 minutes, dialated to a 6, and they are calling the doctor. Sooo I didn't finish the list and jumped back in the truck. By the time I got back up here everything had calmed down a bit (see morphine above).

Mom helping her brush her teeth..

Jumping around a bit now.. Oops.

I did not get much sleep either since I woke up everytime they came in to check no her but I was alright. More times than not, I used the wakeup call as a reason to walk down and get some more graham crackers from the "Nourishment Room". I guess I am a jerk for eating in front of her.  But at least we spooned for a bit :)

Britt finally got some sleep from around 10:15 to 3:something. I used this time to lay some new sod in the backyard.. well.. dad and I got a yard of fill dirt down before we discovered that none of the grass places around us had any grass! So half the backyard is just dirt now. I'll figure that out later.

Dad and I resting.

Hazel & Delilah usually sleep around our room somewhere. My dad heard a ruckus in the night and found them on our bed with the covers pulled back... and a table and a lamp on its side. Not sure what happened there.

Aunt Sandy and Judy came down from College Station for a visit.  They happened to come during the stretch of sleep so Britt didn't really get to visit but I am pretty sure she had good dreams while they were here.

More later..

p.s. she is snoring and beautiful right now.


Alex said...

Nick and I are thinking about you guys!! There's a pretty good chance you'll hear from me sooner rather than later... got a few words of encouragement about how big and strong your babies actually are right now, even if they don't look it. :) Hang in there! Every day they spend inside Britt makes a difference.

the abernathy's said...

we are praying for you guys!!!

britt - hang on to those sweet peas as long as you can. Philippians 4:13!!! YOU CAN DO IT SWEETIE! they are going to be beautiful!

corey - you are a great hubby and i know britt loves having such an awesome best friend by her side for all of this.

you guys are going to make wonderful parents. i know god has a very special plan for you both and sweet C&P too!!!

please let us know if we can do ANYTHING! sounds like there are lots of willing hands, but please add us to the list!!

Lissa Michelle said...

praying for all of you!!! i am so sorry brittani has to go through this! it will be so worth it when the babies are here, safe, sound, and healthy!

Andy said...

Hang in there! Like Alex said, every day for you in the hospital is one day less for your babies in the NICU. Best of luck. We'll be praying for you all.

The Pifer's said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, Corey you are so sweet for taking such good care of Britt! I am glad you are posting on here updates!!

Love ya'll lots and thinking and praying for y'all!