July 29, 2010

5 and a half years ago..

I learned a girl named Brittani "Spire" and I were going to be fish camp counselors together. A friend of ours that new both of us told me "dude, she's hot." I could not confirm this since her name was actually "Cire" (and this was pre-facebook anyways so stalking was more difficult). A different mutual friend told her "Corey is totally going to flirt with you."

Well we met..
And flirting ensued. A few months later, we were head over heels. A year later I put a ring on her finger.

And four years ago today I gave this beautiful bride my last name so I could keep her forever.

Brittani, I could not be happier. I love you more today than I ever have. Even when I was writing you songs for Cameron to sing at 3rd Floor Cantina.. I still mean every word.

Like a man, the mirror I see.
Is larger than, reality.
You make me feel, you make me try.
To be someone, you see inside.
To tell the truth, in all honesty.
You’re the one, inspiring me.

This life I live, and where I’ll go.
What I give, and how I grow.
Words I say, and what I do.
Everyday, I thank you

Every man, has a child inside.
When I’m with you, mine comes to life.
You’re simple smile, seems to say.
Little boy, come out and play.
We dream big, discuss our fears.
Then we make, the world disappear.

I am this man, I have become.
Hand in hand, lets have some fun.
My minutes are yours, your hours are mine.
You and I, lets spend our time.
Chasing dreams, and playing too.
You're with me and I'm with you.

I know I have typically been better at math, but I have a question for you... "2 became 1". So now are we 3 or 4?

I love you! Here's to 40 more.  Happy Anniversary!


icenhower-family said...

Happy anniversary!!! We got married on the same day!!

Charli said...

Yep, Corey, you just raised the bar bigtime for husbands all around the world! Congrats to the two of you! :)

Dustin said...

I love that pic of Britt, her eyes look awesome! Happy Belated Anniversary :)

Jen said...

Brittani--your bridal photo is gorgeous!