July 28, 2010


Well I'm pretty convinced that posting on our blog brings good luck...or a lot of answered prayers!  It seems that every time we post there are big changes in the following days.  The babies were advanced to taking 6 out of 8 feeds by mouth yesterday!  Presley only missed out on 1 of 6 feeds because she wasn't interested in her bottle but I am so proud of them both.  It was a large increase for both of them so I would imagine that they were a little tired.  They even did 4 feeds consecutively - another big deal!  Cullen was such a rock star that they advanced him to all 8 out of 8 feeds by mouth today.  Therefore he is not receiving any meals through his NG tube!  He will keep it in for a couple of days to see how he tolerates his feedings.  If he has any residual left in his bottles we will put it into his NG tube so that he is still taking the volume designated by the doctors.

I had a great time this afternoon at Sam Moon trying to find Presley a few small, grosgrain bows (my favorite)!  I have always said that I didn't know what I would do with a little girl because I don't consider myself a frilly girl and I am not the biggest fan of bows.  Despite what I originally thought, I am finding that I have enjoyed shopping for bows!  Hazel and Delilah asked to try them out when I got home - they are little girls too after all!

Specific prayer requests are for:
  • Continued weight gain for the babies
  • Continued healing for Cullen's femur and an x-ray on Friday that shows healing
  • A successful echocardiogram for Cullen's heart murmur before discharge
  • Continued success with their oral feedings
  • Patience for me as I continue to breastfeed and pump


icenhower-family said...

Congrats on the positive feedings!! We will continue to pray for Cullen with his echocardiogram and his femur...as well as weight gain for the both of them!

Mike and Chris said...

Remember: "because we look for the shout, .we miss the candle. Because we listen for the shout,we miss the whisper. But it is I'm burnished candles that God comes, and through whispered promises he speaks: 'when you doubt, look around; I am closer than you think.'"