July 26, 2010

50 days in the NICU...

...and 10 days since our last post.

Cullen signs "I love you, please forgive the delay"
What is the big deal.. It’s not like anything has changed in 10 days..

This is the face that accompanies milk bellies..

Presley and Cullen have only managed to down  ~3.8 liters of breast milk since our last blog post.  Their daddy drinks 2 gallons a week so they are right on track!

Presley sporting her new bow!  Anyone know where I can find a good deal on a few guns?  Big guns..
Sporting more new hats from ValleryB
I hope we see eye-to-eye forever.
Alright, the past several weeks have been a whirlwind.  Both of the newest Oliver’s are still doing relatively well.  Mr. Cullen did experience a bit of a ‘break’ in progress though.  Sometime last week the poor guy broke his femur.  The good news is the orthopedic pediatrician said “Oh you know the old saying.. if a kid’s bones are in the same room they’ll find each other and grow back together..”  Well actually.. I had not previously heard that.  But it is reassuring that he should heal quickly.  The doctors performed a number of tests that all came back positive and no suspicions of osteogenisis imperfecta (a.k.a. brittle bone disease).  Very good news.  He also had an MRI performed and the results came back with no soft tissue damage or areas of concern.  He is wearing a little brace called a “Pavlik Harness” that helps him keep his leg in the proper position.  I like it too because it reminds everyone to be oh so very gentle with him.  Changing his diapers is pretty much a two person job right now.  Hopefully he will be pain free oh so very soon.
And here he is sporting his brace.
Even with that ‘setback’ the kiddos are still doing well.  Both of them are over double their lowest weights.  Cullen is up to 5 lbs 11 ounces and Presley is 5 lbs 1 ounce.  Chunky monkeys!

We got kicked out of our “suite” and moved to the “big boy” area of the NICU.  Girls are allowed here too.  We were a little bummed about the amenity change, but in reality it means we are closer to coming home so we can’t complain.

Something Presley better get used to...

And the after:
I promise I am not choking him.  This is the proper burping technique.  He is just being a ham for the camera.
They both passed their 2nd eye exams.  The both passed their hearing exams.  They have both passed the GRE.  All good news.
Right now they are just there learning how to eat.  They are both doing 4 “non-consecutive” feeds by breast or bottle.  To accommodate this, Brittani is working overtime.  She is feeding at 5am, 11am, 5pm, and 11pm.  That is correct.. she gets up there at 11pm and normally leaves around midnight.  15-20 minute drive and she is in bed by 12:30.  She is up to pump (and read some books about vampires.. no not twilight.. something that “very well may be better than twilight”.. gasp!) at 4:00am and then heads back to the NICU to feed from 5 to 6am.  I am the ever so supportive husband.  I accompany for the 11pm feed and do my very best to keep the bed warm during the 5am feed.  Rockstar, I know.

We may be a little tired.

Waiting on some food.

Wanna know what’s nuts??  Within a one week period starting this past Saturday, four of our friends will have welcomed a little life into this world (hopefully.. some of these little “peas” are stubborn and taking their time!)  Keep the Tipton’s, Muhle’s, Abernathy’s, and Johnson’s in your prayers as well.

We have had quite a few visitors lately.  We didn't always have our camera, but when we did...

Jamie and Gloria.  I had to keep them from singing '..the eyes of texas'

Traci and Whitney playing pacy patrol

Larry and Sheila pre-Papadeaux

Aunt Sandi absolutely hated holding Presley... its written all over her face....

Grandparents loving on Presley..

Dancing in Uncle Tom's arms (the non-broken one).  We call this move "the invisible hand"

Perk getting to see the babies for the first time in a few weeks.

She even got to hold Miss Presley for a little while.

This.. is.. how.. we.. do.. it.. You've seen the "cool" guys wearing double popped collars.. well you're not really cool unless you are sporting double onesies.  Thats right.

We (Britt) also got to give Presley her first bath. Well not her first bath, but the first one from us.  Brenda helping her out..

And yes, we know we're approaching 2 months old now but we forgot to post their 1 month photo.  Presley says no to the paparazzi..

Grandma (still working on the name) feeding Cullen
Those of you that knew me in college know that I liked to try my hand at some lyrics.  Well this post would not be the same without mentioning one of the most frequent occurrences along the south edge of NICU nursery level II…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Presley likes to poop,
And Cullen does too.

Love you guys.  Thanks for visiting.  Have a goodnight!


the abernathy's said...

They are getting ridiculously cuter with every post! It's well...ridiculous! Praying for C's healing bones and both babies to up their appetites. Brittani is supermom and looks amazing (also ridiculous!) you guys are doing so great! We appreciate your prayers and hope our little girl will make her appearance soon!

icenhower-family said...

Things are looking good and the twins are getting bigger!! Garrett came home at 6 lbs 4 oz and even though that is not a magic number, you are getting close! Much thoughts and prayers being sent your way!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad to hear they're doing so well. They are so cute!