July 16, 2010

2 posts in 1 day!

Just a warning that once again this is not Corey.  I felt compelled to update the blog.  I hope you'll look past my lack of humor and appreciate my speedy update. 

We had a wonderful time today celebrating Corey's 30th year of life!  Besides his mohawk (and mustache) he requested a cookie cake so we celebrated at home with friends and family!  We're so lucky to have be surrounded by so many loved ones!!

In between our visits to the NICU, Corey has been working with Delilah on a new trick. ;)

A quick update on the babies and a lot of cute pictures!  As of last night Cullen weighs a whopping 4 lbs 10 oz and Presley weighs 4 lbs 6 oz.  Cullen is eating 4 feeds by mouth and Presley is eating 3 feeds.  A specific prayer request is for continued growth in the area of their stamina when they eat.  Presley specifically is having a little difficulty getting full feeds because she tires easily.  We have to keep in mind that they are technically still supposed to be in the womb growing.  Eating (specifically sucking, swallowing, and breathing) are learned skills and difficult for preemies to coordinate all together. 

We also had a milestone this week - they learned how to eat with a bottle!  I don't have any pictures yet because we were the ones feeding them but hopefully we'll have some to add soon!

We've had quite a few visitors!  Corey's cousin Wendy came by to visit and my Dad was finally able to come meet the babies!  He has been in the hospital since May.  He had the lower half of his right leg amputated and then had another surgery to remove more of the same leg.  He has had a tough couple of months but is on the road to recovery and was overjoyed to meet the babies! 

We can't forget the twins "favorite" aunt!  Aunt Amber got to hold Presley quite sometime ago but we didn't want to leak the news until the grandparents got their turn!

I wanted to do something special for each month that they grow!  I made these onesies to take their photo and although it was a little later than one month I figured it was better late than never!

I'll leave you with a few photos of my 4 favorite "people"!

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