July 16, 2010

Someone's turning 30!

Well don't get too excited...it's just me...Brittani.  I will apologize in advance that this blog post isn't being written by Corey but there is good reason.  Today is his 30th birthday!  Corey isn't a huge fan of birthdays.  He doesn't necessarily dislike them but he doesn't need to make a big deal out of them like I do.  He never wants anything for his birthday but this year he had one request...a mohawk (we threw in the mustache for kicks).  So without further ado I bring you "Mr. C"!

We had a great morning filled with presents, running (Corey..not me!), scrambled eggs and bacon!

On a serious note, I'd like to thank Corey's wonderful parents for creating him.  He has been such a blessing and my life would not be the same without him.  I marvel at the man God has made him and smile thinking about how much he will continue to grow over the next 30 years!

 I leave you all with two of my most favorite photos of Corey from a recent race!

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