July 11, 2010

Test. Test. Is this thing on??

Oh hi! What's up?  I have been a bit sleepy...

Britt told me this morning I was going to be fired and she was going to start interviewing new writer's if I didn't make an update... she told me this on the way to church, so I know she wasn't lying.

I have never been a blogger.  I don't read a lot of blogs and don't know all the blog etiquette. I do know it is very easy to "do later". But rather than talking more about the obligatory "I am sooo sorry for taking so long to post" I will pretend it is part of my plan.

That is right... I am intentionally keeping you in suspense. Did Stephanie Meyers tell you right up front that Edward and Bella get married and have baby unicorns named Jacob? Nope. She made you wait for it.

Babies are doing great. Lots of big news. Cullen is 4 lbs 3 ounces and Presley is 4 lbs .6 ounces (.6 not 6). Downright massive.
Recognize anything?  That is right!  Open crib.  Whoop!

They had their 30 day brainscans a few days back and the results were fantastic. No bleeding in either brain! Praise.

Break it down buddy!
You were probably wondering where we got the awesome hats... One of our dear friends made them for Cullen and Presley.  She makes all sorts of things so go check her out ValleryB

They are both taking two (non-consecutive) feeds a day from Brittani. This is a big step. We are not sure when they will bump it up. Cullen would stay right "there" feeding all day long. We have to pry him off with a stethoscope. Presley is watching her weight and only feeds a few minutes at a time. Not sure where she gets the vanity. Looks like I may be in trouble.

The other 6 daily feeds are currently at a fortified 34 cc's for both Cullen and Presley via the feeding tube in their nose. We don't really have a set schedule. The babies have a set feeding schedule 2, 5, 8 and 11. AM and PM. But the feedings from Britt change depending on what is going on at the hospital or what is going on at home.

"What's up, homie?"


Since they are in an open crib, they have been maintaining their body temperature on their own without the help of the isolet.  And an open crib also means the grandparents got to hold the kids for the first time!  I don't think the grandparents liked it very much though............ only kidding.  I had to pry Presley out of my mom's hands with a stethoscope.

You also may notice that they were both removed from their nasal cannula's.  Now we can see just how precious they are.  I know every parent thinks their baby is the cutest. And I know most people feel obligated to tell every new parent "that is the cutest baby I have ever seen!"  Let's be realistic here... if every new baby was the cutest baby ever seen, then babies would have been getting progressively cuter and cuter for centuries until finally there was some massive cuteness explosion. Well, that is exactly what happened and our babies caused the explosion. Now it starts over, so there is probably an ugly baby being born today somewhere. But someone will still tell the parents "that is the cutest baby I have ever seen!"

Uncle Tom came for a visit on the 4th.  He tried to bring sparklers in the NICU but our nurses tackled him before he could get them lit.  Here is Presley holding his finger and thinking about how much trouble they can get into some day.  My favorite quote from Thomas.  After several moments of silence and a serious look on his face "When do you think they'll be able to walk?"  Not real sure I want to know what ideas he already has with walking as a requirement!

Who has two thumbs, thinks they're the cuties babies ever, wants to cause trouble with Thomas, and wants mommy to change all dirty diapers from now on???

We are anticipating these kiddos coming home in the next few weeks. We know many of you have mentioned coming to see them as soon as they get home. We think that is great and want to introduce you.We do want to let you know that it is recommended that we keep them away from other children until they are 8 pounds and we keep their handling to a minimum for several weeks. So, if we do not offer to let you hold them right away or let you pinch their little cheeks, please do not get your feelings hurt. It is nothing personal. It is just that they will still be working on those immune systems for quite some time. Technically they should still be in the womb until August 23rd. Thanks for understanding!

p.s. Cullen is a big baby when it comes to having his diaper changed.  I am thinking about just letting him run around the house nekkid and letting Hazel clean up any messes. 


Lissa Michelle said...

ok, you had me laughing the entire time. love all the pictures. especially the hands up one. LOL. they are ADORABLE. sounds like they are getting bigger and stronger every day!

What the "Hales" said...

So funny! Your blogs are the best! But just to let you know...Bella and Edward did not have Unicorns..they had magical fairies! LOL jk Loved everybit of info on the little huge kiddos! Congrats on the weight!

icenhower-family said...

The day they come home is the most exciting, and nerve-wrecking, day ever!! Garrett came home on oxygen, which you will not have to worry about (thank God)...but I was very nervous to have people visit. I wanted to show him off and introduce him to the world, but with preemies, it sometimes just has to wait.
Bottles of hand sanitizer in every room, a note on the front door that says "must wash hands when entering", and a sign on the stroller/car seat that advises people to keep their hands to themselves if they value their life are of major importance!! (JK; we weren't that harsh)
Good luck...I love to see/read how well they are doing!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Every time you post new pictures I am just in shock and how much they are growing and changing. Huge praises for sure!!

the abernathy's said...

Absolutely amazing you guys! They really are beautiful babies and a total testament of gods faithfulness and mercy for His beloved children. I'm so thrilled for y'all and can't wait to see the "home sweet home" post in the coming weeks!!! :) ps) brittani- way to set the post pregnancy bar so incredibly high...you look absolutely beautiful! Motherhood certainly looks good on you!