July 2, 2010

iSolet 4.0 (coming soon?)

Nurses keep dropping hints that these guys are progressing nicely and may be moved to iSolet 4.0 (Apple's version of an open crib).  We are pretty excited about that.

Here is mom with her big ol' babies:

We blew past 3 pounds.  Cullen is up to 3 lbs 11 ounces and Presley is up to 3 lbs 8 ounces.  This may sound funny, but these kids are "getting so big!"  No seriously.  43 ounces to 59 ounces in 3 weeks... that is a 37% gain.  That would be like me gaining 57 pounds!  And I am a light weight.  We are hoping they keep this up.  They are both eating a full ounce (30cc's) every 3 hours.

Have I mentioned that Cullen has huge hands?  I think he may have gained a few ounces in them alone:

Both Presley and Cullen are regulating their temperature very well.  The heater in their isolet has been pretty much turned off.  This is also another requirement to move to an open crib (and eventually come home).

Presley signing "I love you!"

And here is Presley squeaking:

Overall things are still progressing, but Cullen did get put back on his nasal cannula.  He is on room air, but towards the end of his feedings he tends to "d-stat" (drop his oxygen saturation to unacceptable levels).  The cannula gives the nurses the ability to give him a little boost of oxygen when his stomach is full and pushing on the rest of his inards.  It may also be related to his murmur.  We did have quasi-good results with the echo.  They informed us that it looked like a normal premature murmur and they are optimistic that it will close.  He will get another echo before we come home and if it is still there then we will need to visit a pediatric cardiologist. All in all, things are still looking very good for him.  It has been a little tougher on his parent's since the first 2 weeks we were just flying along with all positive news.  Just because there were a couple non-positive things does not mean we are doomed.  Kinda like USA in the World Cup.. he got a little excited like we did against Algeria and got caught offsides.  But in the end we still advanced.  And we will absolutely not take that analogy any further since USA is no longer in contention....

I did tell Cullen that USA lost versus Ghana and filmed his reaction.  I think he took it better than most of my facebook friends:

More happy and sad news.  The Pickles twins (Matt and Erin.. mentioned earlier in this journey) are going home!  That is great for them, but the nurses will no longer be able to make the Pickles and Olives jokes anymore.

Presley is a great cuddler.

We had several fun visitors this week.  All noteworthy but the only two I will mention by name are two of my "bosses" Gary and Ann.  They help run the Houston practice and easily rank 1st and 2nd in the Houston office when it comes to being "decibel'y inclined".  Gary is the only person to date to almost get kicked out of the NICU for being too loud!  He is also a lawyer and will probably deny this claim for lack of evidence, but it was quite entertaining.

Here is a family photo Ann took for us:

Hazel has this "thing" with new clothes.  Whether Britt brings home a new outfit for herself (btw, she is within 4 pounds of her pre-pregnancy weight.. how HOT is that?!) or we are showered with more baby clothes, Hazel has to smell every piece.  It's really quite funny to us.  I am not sure you will appreciate it as much as we do, but here you go.

They have both started non-nutritive feeding.  Basically, right after Britt pumps, Cullen/Presley will try to breastfeed.  They are still being fed through the feeding tube in their nose, but this helps them practice coordinating sucking, swallowing, and breathing.  Presley has done a pretty good job but Cullen broke the rules.  Premies do not normally latch on and feed until 34-36 weeks but he decided to get a 9 minute 46 second meal out of the deal this evening!  Way to go buddy!

Cullen has also started picking his head up and changing sides by himself.  We don't think he understands that he is supposed to still be in the womb and just lay there.  We have discovered an instant solution to soothing.  If you give him both your thumbs he will squeeze with all his might and relax immediately.

We also discovered that several of the NICU nurses live either in our sub-division or in the adjacent sub-divisions.  Such a small world.  Earlier on in this journey, I recommended having a mom as a nurse if you decided to have twins at 29 weeks.  Well, I also recommend having them at Memorial Hermann.  Our experience thus far has been wonderful.

Here is one of our great nurses playing 'hot potato' with Cullen:

Holy smokes time flies.. these kids will be a month old by the next time I blog (because it is highly unlikely that I will post again before Wednesday!)

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HHH said...

I work for the babies Papa, Joe. When they told us at the end of the year meeting that Mr. Oliver couldn't join us because his twin grandkids were coming premature, my heart sunk. I have b/g twins that came at 25 weeks. I know, all too well, the stress you guys are going through. The twins seem to being doing great. All the milestones that parents of healthy babies take for granted..Mean so much to a preemie parent. Cherish all the little things, and before you know it you will be bringing home the twins. The hospital becomes your second home and believe it or not, you will miss that place. Soon enough, the hospital and all the machines will just be a memory. Take care, and I love reading about the progress they make.

Bobbie Lovvorn
(I havent updated it in forever)