September 9, 2010

90 days and counting

That also means we're 3 months old (as of yesterday).

Cullen resting his big ol' noggin on Presley:

Cullen and Presley shared their 3 month old birthday with the anniversary of Britt's 21st birthday.  Here is Britt telling Presley how awesome birthdays are:

Cullen is growing so fast. The last official weight was 8 lbs 1 ounce but that was over 10 days ago. We are guessing he is up to 9.5 pounds by now. Before long, he will weigh more than his father.

Last night, Presley weighed 7 lb 14 ounces and is quite possibly the biggest baby in the NICU since Shepherd Muhle....

Uncle Izzy and Aunt Amber loving some Presley:

Up until the past 48 hours, Presley has been consistently inconsistent with her feedings. She has done a super job the past couple days finishing most, if not all of the 3 oral daily oral feedings. We are hoping she will be up to every other feeding tomorrow. Tomorrow will be 7 days since she started the new medication. It will also mark the halfway point. Next Thursday she will either be transferred downtown or... come home. We need her to handle all 8 feeds orally! 

Once she gets to 8 feeds we get to hang out at home like one big happy family!

Cullen holding onto Aunt Amber.
Presley Jo found a comfortable spot on Papa Joe.

Presley has also been seeing a Physical Therapist. The reflux causes her to arch her back and neck. The PT is working with her making sure the muscles develop properly and preventing any problems from all the tension. PT is also working on her arms and her tracking.

May get in trouble for this one, but aren't they just too cute??

Today we finally had a chance to bring Cullen down to visit with Namps and Grammy! It has been a few weeks since they were able to make it up so we enjoyed it. Grammy even got to give Cullen a bottle.
 Putting his dukes up with uncle Dusty:

Namps is all smiles:

Cullen and Presley also got to hang out with their Great Grand Parents again last week. Dicque drove up to Waco/Temple and brought Perk, Grandma & Paw down last week for a really special visit.
(pictures from this visit are coming... for some reason we can't find them right now...)

Cullen hopefully has his final opthamologist appointment tomorrow. I chose to watch the last exam. A brief description of what happens... 1) they numb his eyes so dialation does not hurt 2) they dialate his eyes 3) they do a special swaddle that ties his arms down 4) they put a little metal clamp on to hold his eye lid open 5) they look into his eye while moving his eyeball around with a little instrument that looks like a baby spoon.... and then hopefully 6) they tell us everything looks great and we don't need to come back! whew.

Proud mama holding her babies.

It has been a while since we have talked about poop on here. She may kill me later in life when she is 35 and her boyfriend is about to propose and reads this, but by golly that girl can poop. She skipped newborn diapers. She went from preemie to 1's. And still occasionally decorates her crib in it. I hope she gets all that out of her system in the next week.... pun intended.

Getting some granny kisses.

We had a super fun labor day weekend. Cousin Ben has been telling Amber and Izzy that he wants to come tickle Cullen and Presley like this *holding one little finger up and bending it back and forth*. And that he wants to fight me. So they brought Benny up and he got to do both!

First the fighting:
Then the tickling:
And some loving:
And some shhhhhhhhshhing:

Papa Joe watching a little college football with Hazel and Cullen.  He is probably trying to teach Cullen Ram 28 sweep.

Papa Joe also took Benny to his first Aggie game.  Getting their tickets:

 He spent most of the first half like this:
 Enjoyed a corn dog:
Spent some more time like this:
And again:
I am not real sure if he had fun or not:
Waved his towel a bit:

Then I think he got a little tired because he asked "When is this movie over?"

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