September 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

I intended to post this on Friday but someone kept me up past midnight...cough...Cullen...cough.  I have so many random thoughts that I want to blog about but never come to be so I've decided to try this and see if I can keep it up!

1.  Pillsbury Simply Cookie Dough
I like to cook & bake...or I like the idea of cooking and baking.  I never make the time so it's rare that I bake from scratch.  These are definitely the best pre-made cookies I've had!  They have no artificial anything, no high fructose corn syrup and 0 trans fat.  Definitely a fan!

2.  When Cullen puckers his cute lips.  I'm still working to catch a snapshot of this!

3.  Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss - I'm addicted!

4.  The return of Vampire Diaries!   I've been waiting all summer for it to start again!

5.  Project Nursery - I love this blog/website and look forward to their updates!  They have very creative & trendy ideas for kids rooms and nurseries. 

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