September 16, 2010

locks of love

I just couldn't decide and i went back and forth about wether or not to cut my hair.  I don't know why I care so much what others think or desire their opinion but I do.  We all do to some extent or another.  We talked about that in our bible study this week and it is our nature to seek the approval of others.  Corey loves my hair long so that was playing in the back of my mind.  Although I loved having it long, it was so much to take care of and a few weeks ago it started falling out by the hand fulls.  In the end, I decided to cut it.  Some suggested that I just cut it a little and see if I like it but if I was going to do it I wanted to be able to donate it.  The last time I cut my hair short I cut 10 inches off and thought that I couldn't donate it because it had been colored.  In doing a little research I found out that you are only unable to donate it if you have highlighted or bleached it.  BINGO!  I was so excited!  Doylina was so great to take photos of the whole process!  We rubber banded and cut off ten inches to donate but overall I think the total was probably 12 or 13 inches.

Being silly!

Everything on the floor was what she cut AFTER the ponytails!

Self take...wasn't sure where to look!  Love it!


icenhower-family said...

Love the new cut and SO excited that Presley is doing well.

Sierra said...

super super cute! I love it!

Lissa Michelle said...

i love the idea of long hair, but hate maintaining it. i'm cutting it short as soon as this baby starts grabbin' for it. when they start pulling it in a few months (when they start grabbing things), you'll be glad it's short! looks gorgeous on you.

A said...

love it!

Christi said...

Well, I LOVE the haircut!!! So sophisticated!!!