October 31, 2010

Happy Hallothanksgiving!

Our Halloween has not been your normal Halloween celebration!  We spent our day celebrating an early Thanksgiving with my sweet family!  I'll post pictures later because we definitely had a great day spoiling these babies and catching up on everyone's busy lives!  

A couple of weeks ago we ventured down the road to the Pumpkin Patch with "OllieDDGrandma" to take some pictures of the babies!  I have always thought it would be special to take pictures of our children in the Pumpkin Patch and boy did we have fun!  It was quite toasty, although we're dressed as if that were not  the case.  The babies were real troopers and put up with all of my usual photography antics!  Beware because there are a lot of pictures!  They're in the wrong family if they don't like having their picture taken!

Presley update - She is no longer taking any bottles by mouth.  She is refusing all feeds and I will be speaking with our GI this week.  Praise God that we have this tube!  

Cullen is still having no trouble eating!  They are both smiling, cooing, laughing and are generally very happy!  He has slept through the night once and otherwise is sleeping about 6 hours.  We're still having to wake her every 3 hours to eat per doctor's orders!  More info to come...hopefully!

They love Daddy's kisses!

 Such troopers!


ChelseaSalomone said...

Awesome pictures!!

icenhower-family said...

Precious pictures!!!

Dustin said...

Adorable pics, like the one of Cullen & Corey