November 2, 2010


Well as I mentioned our Halloween was a little untraditional.  I left out the part about Corey dressing up as Superman at 8 am and running down Fish Creek Road.  He is training for Ironman Texas (in The Woodlands next May) and CompuTrainer is creating a program of the course to sell.  In doing so, they asked riders to ride the course on Sunday morning and also asked people to set up mock aid-stations throughout the course so that in training it appears as it would on a normal race ride.  Well they also encouraged Corey to wear a costume since it was Halloween...although he doesn't need much encouragement to act like a little boy!  He decided to video himself (so out of character ;) ) and has created a little clip.  Till death do us part...

We also spent the afternoon with my family celebrating Halloween & Thanksgiving!  We continued with the theme of untraditional and cooked hotdogs and hamburgers.  Here are a few...or a lot....of pictures from our fun afternoon!  Needless to say the babies were in heaven because they were held all day!   I surprised my Mom and brothers by asking my Aunt Sandi and Judy to join us and boy were they surprised!  We also got to see my Dad walk for the first time since he got his prosthetic.  We were very proud of him!

Uncle Curt has the magic touch!

We put Uncle Dusty to work!

Judy was mimicking Presley and got caught!

Cullen hanging out with Namps!

You can't come to our house and not take a group picture!

He was sleeping on the job!

Presley and Namps!

He thinks his Daddy is funny looking! 

Presley and Grammy

Our little skeletons! They are supposed to glow in the dark but we didn't put them in the closet long enough to find out! ;)

Corey thought this costume was ironic since she won't take her bottle.  Silly girl!

We hung out on the front porch for a bit to hand out candy!

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