November 3, 2010

Here's the latest with Miss Presley.  Her therapist and GI agree that there is a serious aversion to the bottle/food and that it is not sensory related.  Therefore this is a GI issue.  She will continue with her weekly Occupational Therapy to retrain her once again that food is a good thing.  They decided at her GI appointment today to change her Prevacid dosage from once daily to twice to see if that helps with the discomfort.  We will follow up in two weeks and revisit the idea of changing her motility medication or altering the dosage.  They did not want to alter two medications in one visit in hopes of pinpointing what will work and won't work.  Prayers that this does the trick!

On Halloween Eve we spent time with our favorites (The D'Andreas)!  Such a special treat and it was one of the few times we've gotten out with both babies just for the fun of it!  Here are a few pics from our fun together!

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