November 6, 2010

coffee...candy...coke...oh my!

Those have been my three survival tools for the past 5 months!  Just thought I'd share that!

This past week has been the longest stretch of time thus far that Corey and I have been sole caretakers of Cullen and Presley!  Some might call that sad that it has taken us 5 months to say that but we call it lucky!  Dicque has been back and forth since June helping with the babies and boy has it been a blessing for us all!  We are much better parents because of the rest we've been able to get.  This week has not been nearly as rough as we thought it would be!  Corey and I have been able to take turns watching them so the other could go run, take a trip to the store or work.  The biggest lesson that we've continuously learned throughout this experience is that we are on the same team.  It seems like such a simple concept but this is a tough job and sometimes it gets the best of you.  When this happens that frustration has to go somewhere and it often is taken out of the person you are the closest to.  This is definitely true with any new change or struggle in life but I've found it to be especially true in parenting.  It is hard but we have to take a step back and realize that we both want whats best for these babies and work together to accomplish that.  Getting off my soap box...

Cullen and I ventured out to the grocery store this week...that didn't go so well but we tried to get out again yesterday and went to a Christmas Market in Champion Forest with The Johnson's and he was an angel!  He loved looking around and taking it all in.  Definitely loved shopping...for now!  We went out today as a family to the annual Woodsedge Christmas Market and he was enthralled once again while Presley slept.  I have met some of the neatest vendors through these events and hope to share some of my favorite finds on here soon!

Well since tomorrow is their 5 month birthday I thought it'd be fitting if I finally shared their 4 month pictures!  I promise to try to be more prompt this month!

Taking a break with Dad!

He makes the funniest faces!

This is consistent every month when we put them together for this picture!

Love these babies!!

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icenhower-family said...

I love the faces that Cullen makes and Presley is SO cute!!