December 23, 2010

and then there were six...

There are six "people" in our family but that is not what I am referencing.  I have two (well actually three) good friends that have had twins within a month or two of ours.  A few of us get together on a regular basis after our long stay in the NICU together.  We've been friends with the Butler family for quite a while - pre-baby and throughout our pregnancies.  We ended up delivering our twins at the same time gestationally (29 weeks) and we actually shared a room in the NICU for a few days.  They were sweet enough to prepare the NICU staff that we were coming at one point or another during my stay in the hospital.  We met The Pickle's through a mutual friend of Erin and I's.  She had pointed Erin to our blog throughout my pregnancy and saw the names "Cullen" & "Presley" in the NICU and knew they belonged to us!  Here babies were born at 32 weeks a week before Cullen and Presley. We've become fast friends and it has been such a blessing to have these girls go through this journey with us.

We've gotten most of the babies together at one time or another but yesterday was the first time we got all SIX babies together!  It was so much fun and completely hysterical.  We definitely know how to tune out crying and noises - one skill any mother acquires.  We enjoyed lunch and they brought the sweetest little gifts for the babies!

Presley had to make Charlotte & Sam feel better so she joined in on the crying!

Precious little spoons and homemade hot chocolate!

We'll leave you with a quick video of the six babies and the chaos behind our "photo shoot"!

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Kat and Craig said...

seriously. so cute.