December 20, 2010

Well things have definitely been a bit busy around here.  I'm trying to figure out how I can get on my computer for frequently for work purposes and just fun!  I've been thinking about moving my computer downstairs for a bit until things settle down - whatever that means!  I don't want it just sitting on our dining room or kitchen table so I've thought about making a small space in my room or turning our guest room closet into an "office".  Any ideas are welcome!

I found out about 3 weeks ago at a routine physical that I have hypothyroidism.  This is no surprise to me because my Mom had hyperthyroidism for years and my sister is also hypo.  I'm not sure if genetics play into this at all but it is funny how that worked out.  I've felt very run down for quite sometime but thought it was simply due to the fact that I have two new babies!  Apparently that was not the only reason.  I have started medication and am waiting for it to start making me feel a bit better.  Any day now... ;)

I also have a large nodule on my left thyroid.  I had an ultrasound done and although it looks benign it is very hard to tell for sure on an ultrasound and it is quite large.  Therefore I'm having a needle biopsy done this afternoon.  I won't have the results back for while - I would hope before Christmas but I guess I'll find out when for sure today.  My doctor is pretty certain there is nothing to worry about but by having the biopsy done we can either stop watching it if it is benign for sure or treat it if it is not.  Prayers for good results!

I'll leave you with a short video of Cullen and Hazel.  It is so precious how the babies are starting to discover their dogs!  Loving it!

Cuddle time with Hazel!

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The Pifer's said...

I am so sorry to hear about you having hypothyroidism. I had to have my thyroid checked a couple months ago and they even thought they were going to have to do a biopsy because they found 2 nodules or cyst next to my thyroid as well. I went back in for another u/s and they decided they would monitor it for a few months and have me back in for another, if it is still there I will have the biopsy. My mom (and Perk) had Thyroid problems also, it's crazy how these things trickle down...praying for you sweetie, and can't wait to see you and your precious little ones soon!