December 27, 2010

knock knock

Well we had a knock at the door the other morning during the first feed.  Corey is sitting on the couch in his underwear feeding Presley and I'm definitely not presentable myself but we scrambled around and finally got to the door.  To our surprise it was our besties the D'Andreas!  They came over to help with the morning routine and hang out for a bit.  Such a fun time!  Jack is at such a fun age and is so sweet with the babies!  I could literally eat him!  He was practicing counting to five, played in the dog kennel with me (actually I just locked him in there), fed the duck that visited our backyard and we even took a few pictures with the babies.  

This is my favorite!

Jack really wanted to do everything the babies can do!  He fit perfectly in the Bumbo!

"Why'd you lock me in here Aunt Britt?" 


Kat and Craig said...

so glad you opened the door. :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

AIGH! The babies are soooo cute!