April 22, 2008

Our crazy life!

Hey guys! Well a lot has been going on in the Oliver Family!

Corey and I have been doing a lot of traveling but primarily within state of Texas! We have begun planning a summer trip to Europe to visit my brother, Jody, and his family in Germany and plan to visit Italy as well.

Corey just completed his project with Home Depot, had about a week to work from home and is now in LA working for Nestle for 9 months. I am hoping to visit soon! He has been working so hard lately...I have to brag. Really long hours and very diligently!

School is going well and the year is winding down. We have "Mom and Me" tomorrow. The mom's come to school, we sing a song and read a poem, and then they paint a terra cotta pot together! Should be fun! It is hard to believe we will be in school until June!

Blitz is doing well and his mouth seems to be maintaining a healthy state for now. For those of you that don't know, he is allergic to his own tarter unfortunately.

Corey and I had the distinct privledge to hear John Eldredge speak last week at our church. What a night! I learned so much in spending 2 hours with him about our Lord. I have been so challenged and am excited to see what God teaches me!

I have also shared with some of you that I have begun to follow a long time passion of mine, photography. It is something I have wanted to learn ever since I was a little girl. Corey has been so supportive and helpful - it has been fun to work and learn together. As always, I dove right in with both feet and hit the ground running. I am focusing primarily on Children's Portrait Photography and am starting a business here in the Houston area. You can check out my work at www.blouisephotography.com if you are interested and there is a link there to my blog which has my latest work! It has been such a fun adventure and God has really blessed me in fulfilling this dream!

I hope to post more soon but check out the photography blog as well for weekly posts and updates on our crazy life! Enjoy!


Texas Hales said...

Ok so all I have to say is WOW! You are an amazing photographer!! I absolutly love your style! I would love those kind of pictures of my girls! You defiantly have a gift! You will go far with this, I can tell! I had a great time as well last night. We definatly need to do that again.


Hey, girl. I just tagged you on my blog. So check it out and I can't wait to see what you write about yourself!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I know it's been awhile since you posted, but I just wanted to say thanks for coming by to visit me today! It is nice to "meet" you!